About Us

The idea of Naming the website came from (calipers), who is connecting the dots between any two points on paper, and in the real life we are trying to connect these points’ and nearly distances, and strengthens all types of relationships, remains you are and remembrance in the hearts and minds of your family and loved ones. 
Frgar Head office is located in Austria and it's a Website specialist diverse gifts purchased online and their respective events and then delivered to their owners in the countries with which it deals (Syria – Swaida currently). We provide this service which is the first service in the local area level, to keep the coherence and cohesion between the expatriate and his family and loved ones at home.  Our group of distinctive gifts and grow and vary constantly and our team is ready and willing to deliver the gift that has been selected and purchased and elegantly packaged after any ways and according to the customer wants and commensurate with the occasion.  Strive to cover public events (mother's day, valentine, Eid al-Adha, Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year, and special occasions birthday, wedding anniversary and the celebration of a new baby, etc., in addition to a distinguished group of bouquets of flowers appropriate for each Almanac spat of joys and sorrows, and we provid all this services in accordance with the privacy We take great care to protect To earn the trust of our client before anything else.  we started Today, and our team working hard in this area in order to be our services  the best in the same field, and our aim to have all your accept and respect. Your opinions, contributions and suggestions on the social network pages is important to give us all informations about our work and Gide us to provide an excellent services.